Fall Baseball Batting Practice Gets Safer

Thanks to the innovation of entrepreneurs from Phantom Pitching Machines, baseball for young kids through adult ages has gotten safer. The automatic pitching machines are often used for batting practices as they offer fast, consistent and continuous pitching so that batters can get maximum number of reps which is essential for their improvement of their skills at the plate.

However, the old pitching machines were dangerous, as the mechanics of the fast spinning wheels and engines that made them spin were exposed and out in the open.

Then came Phantom Pitching Machines recently, who is now offering a much safer option.

It’s amazing that this wasn’t thought of earlier, especially considering all of the accidents surrounding the older machines. They enclosed the machinery, wheels and engine so that these areas were not openly exposed for arms, limbs, hands, clothing to get caught in and damaged.

These pitching machines are the utmost highest quality you can get and are American made and manufactured. Check out their sleek, nice looking design and test them out for their accuracy and consistency which is what the batters that are using these machine really need.

So far the reviews have been extremely positive and the parents of players have been especially appreciative and more apt to invest in one of these beautiful machines, knowing their kids will be safer in the backyard and at the field when these machines are being operated.

Check out http://baseballtips.com and http://www.phantompitchingmachine.com/ to purchase one today.

Freemium Model Rumored for WordPress Academy

We love the creative folks at WordPress Academy (WPAcademy.com). This is a rare innovative collaboration that is taking the WordPress training world by storm. Not only do they have the most comprehensive WordPress tutorial library available online with the most number of training articles, videos and coaching classes offered, but it is now rumored that they will be giving away a good portion of it for free!

Talk about innovation. Here’s how their model is rumored to work.

They will offer all tutorials including the training library, wiki, videos, tutorials and more for access to anyone that opts in as a subscriber. Free membership for those areas.

For a small monthly upgrade fee, they will offer their super popular plugins reviews sections, unlimited premium themes access, and access to live coaching including website reviews. Brilliant. More content, coaching access, deeper resource access. It’s a fantastic model that their competitors will quite frankly struggle to compete with.

I can’t imagine a better wordpress tutorial business model and the folks at WPAcademy.com have certainly outdone themselves this time. We’re excited to see if this rumor holds up and unfolds over the next couple of months like we’re hearing that it might.

Feel free to check out their current WordPress Training offerings here.

Here’s a short sample of one of their quick tutorials: